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Gospel Crusades

Evangelist Russell Wood's passion is to travel to the most remote and unreached places of the world to preach the burning message of God’s love and salvation to the lost and broken.

Equipping the Saints

We believe God’s mandate to all Evangelists is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry. Contact us to see how we can serve you.

Invite Russell

Russell is honored to accept speaking engagements for weekly services, revivals, conferences, or Gospel crusades.

Are you desiring to be totally engaged in the work of the Kingdom? Is your heart on fire for sharing the gospel of the Kingdom? Then you must get connected with Russell Wood and Just1City! I highly recommend and endorse the work of these kingdom warriors!

Pastor Tom Schlueter

Prince of Peace Church

Texas Apostolic Prayer Network

Over the last 30 years of ministry I’ve learned to value mostly the presence of the Lord. What I mean is that I’m not impressed with firms of speech or the new catch words about God or living after Him. I’m impressed with my God alone. When Russell comes to our church and ministers... the Lord is there.

When God's presence backs up your ministry... well that’s the kind of minister I need to have come pour into our congregation.

I have confidence in the presence of God that walks with Evangelist Russell Wood.

Pastor Oz and Jane Ozmun

The River Church

Senior Pastors

"Russell Wood is a marvelous comrade in preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ! I have witnessed with him personally on several occasions minister hard truths to people who do not know Jesus. He does it with much care and concern along with respect and kindness.

I have also participated in several of the citywide outreaches that he has coordinated and been very impressed with his ability to mobilize many working parts.

Russell is a husband, father, grandpa, and friend while he is an Evangelist who uses all this life experience to reach the lost. I am honored to call him a spiritual son! Laurie A Ditto"

LORD JESUS, Save Souls.....use "US"!

Laurie Ditto

Director of My Fathers Reputation

International House of Prayer


Today is the day of Salvation!​

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